Pediatric Occupational Therapy (OT)


Getting started with Kids Thrive OT

Kids Thrive will be accepting new kiddos at our new location starting July 2018. Please let us know of your interest in receiving OT services by filling out this GENERAL INTEREST FORM so we may contact you.

What is OT at Kids Thrive?

Pediatric OT at Kids Thrive is grounded in our passionate commitment to serving with professional excellence rooted in the latest science, research and best-practices, both traditional and holistic, in order to provide programs that help children and families develop and thrive. 

What is play for your child… is occupational therapy in action!

In Occupational Therapy, your child will be engaged in fun, play-based activities therapeutically designed to provide serious motor and sensory practice challenges to effectively build your child's developmental and functional skills that lead to their success, confidence and joy in the "occupations" of childhood (self-help, school, play, and relationships). 

By strengthening the underlying foundational skills in the Pyramid Of Learning, including sensory processing, sensory-motor, perceptual-motor,  we can help your child experience increased ease with their academic activities, daily life skills and relationships. 

At Kids Thrive, we are partners with you in your child’s development and success, and so we often encourage your participation in sessions and we make recommends for home activities.  

Kids Thrive OT is here to help you and your child!

Kids Thrive Helps Children with:

Fine-Motor Skills
          Hand use, dexterity, coordination, bilateral integration, tool use
Gross Motor Skills
          Whole-body coordination, balance, core strength, endurance
Visual Skills
          Ocular-Motor Coordination, Visual Perceptual Skills
Sensory Processing, Sensory Integration, sensory sensitivities
           Motor Planning
Executive Functioning, Self-Regulation, Growth Mindset,
           Yoga, Mindfulness and Breathing Techniques for Calm & Focus
Self Help Skills
School-Related Skills
          Handwriting (Pencil Grasp, Legibility, Automaticity, Print or Cursive)
          Organization,  Concentration, Attention
   Family Understanding and Home Carry-Over

We are experienced in providing: 

Let's Chat - It's Free
Free Initial Consultation

  • Your free initial consultation will help us get to know each other to determine if we are a good fit for your child, family and if our schedules work.

  • An initial chat, allows us to figure out if it is best for your child to start with one-on-one therapy or one of our specialized, small group sessions or a combination.

  • This initial consultation is best done in-person but also by phone, if needed.

  • This conversation typically last about 30 minutes.

  • If together we decide upon one-on-one therapy, then a comprehensive OT evaluation will be scheduled and therapy days & times reserved.

  • If together we decide a specialized, small group session is optimal then you will register for one of Kids Thrive upcoming groups.

Comprehensive OT Evaluation

  • A COMPREHENSIVE OT EVALUATION provides valuable information about your child's strengths and "where things get hard". This information guides the therapy plan.

  • Evaluations takes approximately 1 to 1.5 hours, conducted over 1 or 2 visits and will include a variety of standardized test, parent-report measures, and observations depending on the age and needs of your child.

  • Occupational Therapy Evaluation does not result in a diagnosis, but provides valuable insights about your child's strengths and challenges so the most effective therapy activities may be used.

  • You will be provided with a detailed, typed report that includes: evaluation results and a specific plan plus outside recommendations or referrals as appropriate.

  • A meeting will be scheduled to review the report with you in-person and to answer your questions.

  • Based on this OT evaluation and recommended plan, you can opt for occupational therapy at Kids Thrive.