Get Started - 3 Easy Steps

Please let us know of your interest in receiving OT services at Kids Thrive by filling out the GENERAL INTEREST FORM so we may contact you.

Let's Chat - It's Free
Free Initial Consultation

  • First fill out the General Interest Form and we will contact you.

  • Your free initial consultation will help us get to know each other to determine if we are a goodness of fit and if our mutual schedule availability matches.

  • An initial chat, allows us to figure out if it is best for your child to start with one-on-one therapy, or one of our specialized, small group sessions or a combination.

  • This initial consultation is best done in-person but also by phone, if needed. This conversation typically lasts 30-45 minutes.

After Our Free Initial Chat,
Please Return These Forms
at Least 7 Days Prior to Your Child’s
First Scheduled OT Visit

Kids Thrive Form #1 - History Intake Form

Kids Thrive Form #2 - Consent Intake Form

More Information about a Comprehensive OT Evaluation

  • A COMPREHENSIVE OT EVALUATION provides valuable information about your child's strengths and "where things get hard". This information guides the therapy plan and activities that we work on.

  • Evaluations takes approximately 1 to 1.5 hours, conducted over 1 or 2 visits and will include a variety of standardized test, parent-report measures, and observations depending on the age and needs of your child.

  • Occupational Therapy Evaluation does not result in a diagnosis, but provides valuable insights about your child's strengths and challenges so the most effective therapy activities may be used.

  • You will be provided a detailed, typed report that includes: evaluation results and a specific plan plus outside recommendations or referrals as appropriate.

  • A meeting will be scheduled to review the report with you in-person and to answer your questions.

  • Based on this OT evaluation and recommendations, you can opt for scheduling occupational therapy visits at Kids Thrive.